Monday, June 25, 2012

Fiasco - Sudden Death

I was talking to Clark and Amanda Valentine, both avid Penguins fans, and we thought wouldn't it be great if there was a Fiasco Playset about a team coming apart at the seems in a game seven in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Well, what I figured was that we could all kind of contribute, and by all I mean the 3 people who read this more than once.  With that in mind, I'm going to put it out there as to what people think would be good things to include in this playset.  Now, if it goes badly I'm just going to write it and stick my tongue out to the lot of you.

That being said let's start.  Leave any ideas you have in the comments.  I'll give you the first draft of "The Score" and then what I have for the first section.  If you have any improvements, again, leave them in the comments.

The Score

That’s right, it’s the Stanley cup finals. You and your teammates have fought long and hard to get here, eighty two regular season matches, some twenty odd playoff games, numerous undisclosed injuries all for the chance to play in a game seven for one of the most beautiful trophies in all of sport. Tonight is the biggest night of your life, and the stress is greater than anything you can image. There are reporters everywhere, cameras flashing, microphones in your face all the time, the game plans, the aches, the people in the stands, your family that you flew in from your hometown, and the fact that a single mistake on your part could spell the end of everything this year.


Locker Room Cancers

1 - Dry Island and Heavy Drinkers
2 - Conflicting “Leadership Styles”
3 - There goes the goalie again
4 - I make the millions, you warm the bench.
5 - Replacing a Healthy Scratch
6 - Veteran and the Rook

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