Friday, December 7, 2012

Monster: The Noun - Opening Flavour section.

I just added a bit of colour there, because part of the gag was that every time one of the words in the opening poem were going to be referenced it would be in the exact same style. Again, nothing here has been edited. 

“It isn't everybody who is the hero of his own romance, and when we meet one he is likely to be a fascinating monster”
Robertson Davies
This is a world of twilight, of the space that happens between dawn and dusk.  This world lies between meaning and understanding, between dark and light, between good and evil, between a rock and a hard place, between the 7-11 and the Mini-mart, between an emo tune and a heavy metal power ballad. There are many people who live in this world, and many of them are ignorant of these goings on.  They get up, kiss their children good bye as they send them off to school and then go about cheating on each other before they get home that night.  They are happy in their ignorance.  They live filling their lives with sleepless days and dangerously driven caffeine nights.
There are moments, ever so slight moments, that jar this sense of complacency out from under us.  The veil is lifted and we catch a glimpse of the audience that is watching us in our play of life, looking for a moment when we falter.  That’s when they laugh at us, these smiling hidden creatures who have purposefully segregated themselves from us and from each other.  Each group has their own agenda, their own zeitgeist that can’t stand the light of any others.  When they meet, sparks fly and many late nights are fought over love, life, death, truth, honesty, hotdogs, lattes, sex, blood, friendship, honor, society, the future, the past, territory, money, revenge, video games, being right, superiority, class, character, hamburgers, eternity, meaning, violence, sex and other topics too esoteric for the likes of us regular folk.  There is no consensus to be found.  However, sometimes they believe that the players on the stage are the perfect pawns by which they can prove their points.  Players in their eternal game of I’m more right than you are.
Thankfully these little dips of reality, these boiling waters of otherness are rare.  The audience watching us tries their best to keep themselves separate from the stage we live in.  The light is too bright, the plastic walls to fake for them to want to make their way there.  They don’t believe that we could understand their desire to prove that they are right above all others, their need to demonstrate that their vision of the world is the only one true way to be.  They want all to know that they are the Alpha and Omega to everyone else’s Phi Sigma Delta.
Some say that there is a time coming when the fourth wall will come down.  A time when this battle will rage so fast and so furious that it will spill on the stage of life.  When that day comes, it will be the end of the world.  We shall all perish in the conflagration that will engulf everything and consume the entire planet.  No one will be safe, no one will be spared.  

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