Monday, April 23, 2012

Game Chef 2012 Review - 16 through 20

By Gaslight by Artexercise 

The Good: The look of this one page Game Chef game is wonderful.  It makes me wish I had half the ability to do something like this.  Very evocative and a joy to look at.

The Bad: Nothing really other than the game doesn't really speak to me.  Your kilometers may vary, but it just didn't really do much for me.  The premised started out well but it seems almost too structured for me.

The Other: Like the dice mechanic.  It's somewhat In Nomine-esque but without the whole one number high two numbers low thing.  You want both to be high, but they do different things.

Would I Play It?: Not my first choice, but I wouldn't say no if someone suggested it.

Lantern’s Legacy by Jason Pitre

The Good: Interesting mechanic to deal with fate and how gods influence mortals.  You bid to help push people in a direction.  The more that's bid on a person, the more important they are in the next world after the cataclysm.

The Bad: The Bidding seems a little odd.  Might work with playing but I think if you can just convince people that you're in their best interest you can just score all the points with spending the least.  There needs to be that double bind where you feel compelled to spend.  I'd just sit and see what we could do in 3 minutes and make damned good offers.

The Other: I like the timer mechanic, it's a great way to give you that kind of visceral "this life is only this long" feel.  Could mess people up though.

Would I Play It?: Yes.  If only for 3 minutes.

Lies of Passage by Lucas ‘Tor’ Garczewski

The Good: It's a great language storytelling game, where you want to see what kind of tall tales you can do with a group of people collectively telling a story.  There are some good guidelines on keeping the story going, and helping the people along.

The Bad: Lesson time folks.  Not even going to talk about appropriation here.  Let's just talk about ignorance.  When you say you're going to base your game around "Native American myths and legends" let me ask you a question.  Which one?  Apache, Cherokee, Chippewa (Anishanabe), Cree, Haida, Navajo, Lakota, Salish, Ute ...  the list is longer, by the way.  Which one are you referring to perhaps?  What do I mean they all have their own traditions and histories and stories?  Aren't they all this giant pan-native kind of thing?  No, really?

The Other: Oh, have some feathers to wear and stuff.  How quaint! Let's just ignore what significance they might have to a group or people. I just ... gyah ... *sigh*

Would I Play It?: No.  If you need to ask why I might suggest you re-read the first review post and then re-read this review.  Christ.

Tears in Rain by Alex Mayo

The Good: This has an interesting Penny for My Thoughts feel.  I like the fact that you don't really have to stick to a regular kind of situation, that this is a dreamlike fugue and all players can just accept it.

The Bad: The rules are a little confusing to go over.  I don't know if you pick one oracle, or some from all the oracles (which is kind of confusing as to why you have oracles in the first place).  I also think they have the numbers backwards, if the goal is to put out the candles, then why high numbers for negative effect.  

The Other: Wow, most morbid game ever.  Look, you're dying and that's it ... this is about those moments before death.  Loved that opening.  

Would I Play It?: I would, actually.  I might play it a lot, or look at what it does and make my own game.  Hacks away!

Farewell, My Dear Post-Apocalypse by William Shattuck

The Good: You had me at Dark Action Tragecomedy. I love the idea that you're doomed but you're going to try to go out with a bang.

The Bad:  Fiddly bits.  Game has a lot of fiddly bits.  I'm not a huge fan of fiddly bits.

The Other: It's got a galloping sense of fun involved.  Wish it was more visible in the reading of the game.  Also, I would have randomized up the ending a lot more.  I know the theme was "only kind of play it once" but having a couple of sessions of this, not knowing when it was going to end I think would be really cool.

Would I Play It?: Yup.  If only to save my love under an exploding nuclear sky.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to read and review Lies of Passage, Jonathan.

I admit my usage of "Native American" was rather unfortunate and that I probably should have done more research and included information on source material in the text. The only poor excuse I have here is lack of time.

I hope to correct this fault in a post-Game Chef release of the game.

Again, thank you for pointing that out.

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