Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gamechef 2012 - Submissions 21 - 25

forum by Michael S. Miller

The Good: What an idea!  I didn't do anything with The Forge so I don't necessarily get the impetus behind it, but just the sheer idea is staggering.  Seriously, I might be rooting for this one to win on concept alone.

The Bad: Well, it may not be playable for too long.  It's less of a game and more of a conversation piece.  Still impressed with the conversation piece though.

The Other: I never visited The Forge at all, but I've been on other game forums.  This is really spot on, especialy "00 - Get angry at the content moderator, call him names, and leave in a huff."

Would I play it? No.  Doesn't mean it shouldn't win ... you just can't actually play it.  Unless you do it now, which I suggest you try.

‘inkadia by Lester Ward

The Good: *stares at the work in shock, jaw on the floor* This is art imitating game.

The Bad: *stares at the work in shock, jaw on the floor* This is at times avant guard art imitating a game.

The Other: *stares at the work in shock, jaw on the floor* This is a dinner party, right? Also, moderately price game for a one time thing.

Would I play it? *stares at the work in shock, jaw on the floor*

A King of Infinite Space by goblinblue

The Good: Starting out with an intended or unintended Hamlet reference is always good.  It's a great idea in building a game where you only know your role, and that you're trying to guess who the one dreamer is while the rest of your help push them towards their goal, even mess them up if needed.

The Bad: I don't think it's as hidden as the game thinks it is.  The roles are a little too clearly defined and once someone starts doing something that helps them toward their goal then they're going to be easy to figure out.

The Other: It's a nice idea, I just don't think it lived up to 

Would I play it? No.  The I feel that the mystery isn't there to make this something I'd want to play.

The Game In Last Appearances #4 by Paul Czege

The Good: The format for this is hilarious.  It's got the right kind of feel, taken from a wiki page.  It helps with the whole, "these are the rules as we can tell you, but can't actually write down the ones that are in the book because they are copyrighted."  It's done really well.

The Bad: Wow, gotta love that Three Men Boasting and the last one gets the girl idea here.  Personally, I think she might tell them all to piss off and grow up.  Also love the Straw-Feminist argument in there.  Because the real argument is that she's going to sit there and wait for them to fight over her, remove any agency that she has ... not that you know she's cast as some kind of vile temptress.  The word you're looking for there is Trophy. Oh, and if you don't brag to her, she'll kick you to the curb and make you flee the planet.  Women, eh!?

The Other: The rules are interesting, it's really a case of playing your opponent rather than the characters, because where they're going to go is as important as what they're going to do.  

Would I play it? With a few modifications it would be worth a shot.  I'm sure you may have noticed what I would change

Sweating Seven by Samuel Briggson

The Good:  I loved the Battleship feel to this game, the fact that there's a kind of pressure to get things done  with the 240 turns. I love that you can make the wall various sizes and shapes as long as you stick to a certain total size.

The Bad: There is a promised list of skills which isn't there, there isn't even the hint of what you could use for skills.  I also think there should have been more focus on it being a Battleship like game rather than trying to kind of put an RP element in there.  Not that it's a bad thing, but just I think a focus on the battleship like game would have been cooler.

The Other: Hello, Battleship ... with castle walls and defences!  I want to make a future game, where you get future technology and this.

Would I play it? Yes, even if I do have to make up my own skills.

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