Saturday, April 21, 2012

Game Chef 2012 - The reviews just keep on coming

More Reviewing, because that's what I feel like doing!

The Good: Yay! Superheroes! Kudos to going out of the box a little bit, or the first one submitted to, where you take a card game and try to turn it into roleplaying.  The one on one thing is fun, because group gatherings can be hard.

The Bad: The fact that the game requires you to go out and purchase an entire new set of gaming supplies to play.  Three decks of cards, 24 dice in 4 specific colours, token?  Would you like a backrub and a martini as well?

The Other: Goodness, I hope my little crappy card game RPG Gamechef game that I didn't submit wasn't as rule heavy as this.  Also, sometimes superheroes want a team, right Cyclops?

Would I play it:  If someone made the cards for me.  I am lazy.

Whispers in the Dark by Jacob Possin / troc

The Good: It's a nice use of a whist like game in order to figure out what happens to someone in their life.  I love trick taking games, and you get a sense that there's an ebb and flow to it where you don't really rely on your partner, but you can force the story to go where you think it will be awesome by who you help win the tricks.

The Bad:  Needs a better explanation on what to do, things like how many cards to draw and how long the turn is.  I'd rather play something like Euchre with a smaller card base to make the result of who gets to answer what a lot faster but feel like there's more of a chance to change how things go.  That might make the game go longer, but it just works in my head ... probably because I love Euchre.

The Other: I think, personally, I'd love to dispense with all the "this is art" talk that comes with a couple of these games.  I know it's a thing within the Indie Community, but ... these are games first and foremost and if you take yourself too seriously I wonder about the game.

Would I play it: Yes, but in part because I like Whist and in part because I don't think it would be too long a game.

Crash / Lanterns of the Dead by Nick Wedig

The Good: I love the fact that it is two games in one.  You have the astronaut and the alien people and they're busy dealing with the fact that they don't really get each other. It's great, especially with the language barrier hard coded, and that it's the aliens who can communicate is great.

The Bad: There's a lot of card draw pausing and figuring out with it does from the rules.  It seems a little in the way of getting to play the game.  Also, I only read it a couple of times so I'm sure it's better to actually read and play rather than just read.

The Other: Hee, estimated response time 7.2 years.  I love the two books, and the various flavour going on.  

Would I play it: Ndasbalkj! Lkjoendaoiug, aoubl lle aiublkja ooodkssdoaka! [Translating from Astronaut, Yes, yes I would!]

The Superhero Survival Guide by Kyle Willey

The Good: There's a lot of good things in here.  The fact that there's a narrative on top of the narrative makes it interesting.  It feels like there's a lot of potential in this game as you try to survive.  Though not explicitly stated, it feels like you could just play it one player.

The Bad: This potential really isn't explored.  This is Kyle's Fourth game and if I had my druthers, I'd rather he have focused on this one and the bike game and they would have been even more awesome.

The Other: I will state that I love the little bits that Kyle puts into his game.  Like to rubber stamp logo on the front of this one.  It's a nice joy whenever I come across it.

Would I play it:  In my own little corner, in my own little chair with my dice as they try to avoid going boom.

HVE WATER by LordPapyrus_420

The Good: If there was a game that was about making a map and telling a story about it, this is it.  I think the map making stuff is brilliant.  The use of hands as measurement makes me link of the lilliputians in that hand puppet game two years ago.  Haven't stopped squeeing about that one.

The Bad: It gets kind of convoluted beyond that.  I almost want to stop and say, "forget that this is an RPG,  and make it a board game.  You can add the RP elements later, just don't confuse us with the map making extras!"

The Other: CRAYONS! It's got colouring!  Who doesn't love that!?

Would I play it: Yes, but it would take me going over it many, many, many times to try to get it right.  Also, I have big hands, which means that I'd need big paper.



The Jake said...

Re: Whispers in the Dark

I really Appreciate your thoughts on my game. I agree with you that I was less clear then I should have been with the game. I have a few ideas to fix that. I kind of got bogged down with the Story card section. Next thing I know, I am suddenly running dangerously close to the 3000 word cap. Also I would need to play test more.

As to the Games as Art statement, I guess I just don't see that in my game. overall I do not think games are, or even should be, Art. A game is a game first and anything else a distant second. When I red your comment I was a bit confused. If you have the time I would like to hear how you see that in my game? I am not offended, mind you. i just find that sometimes what I intend and what I do leading in opposite directions. thank you again for your thoughts on my game.


Jonathan said...

Hey Jacob,

I think it's far more along the lines of the introduction. I guess you just had the intro that made me go:

"Gyah! You have limited space, stop telling me that this is a storytelling game, it makes it sound like you're describing something in this kind of academia-this-is-super-important way that just rubs me wrong."

That may just be a me thing.

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